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We know how important it is to have top of the line strobes you can depend on. We out fit productions of all sizes in the studio and on location. We work directly with clients to make sure they have the right tool for the job.

A few popular options include:
Profoto Pro 8a
Profoto Pro b4
Profoto B1
Profoto A1
Profoto Grid Reflectors
Profroto Beauty Dish
Profroto Magnum
Profoto Multispot
Elinchrom Parabolics
Profoto Stripboxes
Profoto Softboxes
Photek Umbrellas
hmi, led, tungsten
Wether you love the look of constant lights or working alongside a motion team we have you covered.

A few popular options include:
Arri M18 HMI
Arri M8 HMI
Arri 1.2 Par
Joker 800
Quasar Science x-fade
Quasar Science q-fade
Arri Skypanel s60
Arri Skypanel s30
Arri 650 Plus
Arri 300 Plus
Arri 150 Plus
Arri T1
Whatever the project is we have the perfect camera solutions. Full frame DSLR's, medium format digital, and large format film.

A few popular options include:
Fuji GFX 100
Nikon D850
Canon 5Div
Sony A7r iv
Hasselblad 500cm
Toyo View 45ii
Contax 645
Leica m4-p
Canon L Series
Zeiss Optics
Sigma Art
Grip / Electric
All of our G&E is industry standard and well maintained.

A few popular options include:
Matthews 40" C Stand
Matthews 20" C Stand
Matthews Combo
Matthews Rollers
12 x 12 Frame + Rags
8 x 8 Frame + Rags
6 x 6 Frame + Rags
4 x 4 Frame + Diff
Junior Boom Arm
Menace Arm Kit
Flags + Scrims
Honda Generator
Pick up / delivery
In addition to 24/7 pickup at our Pasadena CA location, we offer 24/7 delivery services in the greater Los Angeles area.

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